Commission Work

For more than thirty years, Mark Anderson has been drawing and painting the Pennsylvania outdoors. Mark’s work depicts the nature habitat as well as sporting (hunting) tradition of the Pennsylvania outdoorsman.

He has been featured in Pennsylvania Game News, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Muzzleloader and Muzzle Blasts, Peterson’s Bowhunting along with the Rued Grouse Society magazine. His work has received both local and national recognition.

Many of his paintings are available as limited edition prints. Several of Mark’s paintings have been commissioned to serve as fund-raising opportunities to further the conservation efforts of organizations such as the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Lycoming Audubon Society. Revenues from his painting entitled, “Peaceful Pause”, featuring the American kestrel, were used to help benefit land conservation programs for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. His painting entitled, “ Return to Penn’s Woods” was used to help promote the efforts of the Lycoming Audubon Society’s successful reintroduction of the peregrine falcon to its natural habitat.

Since graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Mark has worked as a graphic designer and art director in Pittsburgh for a wide range of businesses from non-profit companies, and ad agencies to Fortune 500 companies.